There’s an unsaved young couple in my sphere of influence in whose lives I have become involved. How, exactly, is somewhat neither here nor there. Anyway, because of certain problems they are experiencing, I find myself feeling a more urgent desire to kneel before God and worship and pray to him – not only in intercession for them individually and as a couple, but out of a greater neediness on my part as well.

This is just sort of stream-of-consciousness thinking, but it seems that as you grow more intertwined in community with others both in and outside the church, it becomes easier to see your own brokenness in the light of the problems of others. It’s both humbling and an illumination of the greatness of God’s grace.

Being in community with others – being involved in the lives of others and manifestly caring for them – gets your hands dirty and can cause a lot of heartache, but it’s a hauntingly beautiful thing as out of that community, God redeems a people for himself in the great historical restoration of all things.

What a good God I serve, that as dirty as my business is, he wallowed in my dirtiness and died on the cross to account for it, knowing full well that I didn’t and couldn’t do anything to merit it; nothing I could do would be of value to him apart from his own enabling grace – and yet he still came here in the person of Jesus Christ to make things right.

Amazing grace. That’s what that is.