I really enjoy visiting with my parents in a way that I couldn’t have imagined before become a fully self-sufficient adult with my own family and concerns (I don’t mean with respect to the Gospel or in any kind of absolute sense – just that I don’t live with them or depend on their resources).  I get to see them regularly once a week when I take the kids over and I usually stick around for a bit to talk to mom around the kitchen counter and get caught up.  Dad usually has to leave before we get much chance to talk.

I just had lunch with my dad today.  I enjoy my mother as well, but this time it was just me and dad.  While we’re sitting there, and afterwards while reflecting on the conversation, I realized on a deeper level than I have before that young people don’t know much.  I’ve always known it, but you don’t always really comprehend what you know.  I’m almost 30 years old and I walk this earth as though I’ve got it all figured out, even though I know I don’t.

We were sitting there talking shop, and he was telling me a story about his corporate days, and I realized later that the insights that he was casually recounting could only have come from one who really knew their business and the people around him and one that possesses the experience to grasp the consequences of various events and circumstances.  In my typical way, I was interjecting and guessing what he would say next, and I went oh-for in that conversation.  I usually rationalize it away as “active listening”, but in truth I’m fully aware that this is one of my sharp edges that hasn’t yet been smoothed by sanctification.  Anyway, the point is that my best insights were completely irrelevant in this instance.  How many other circumstances fly by in which I have confidence in my own understanding and never take time to seek deeper insights and assume a position of humility?  How much wisdom has just passed me by because of my own arrogance?

It’s a sobering thought.