I watched zefrank’s “the show” back in 2006-2007 when he was going it. It was hysterical. On it, he made an offhand comment on the show that I found wildly mistaken (albeit an easy mistake to make, I think). He said:

The courts, the underpinning of American society,…

Aaargh! The problem is, this is what many (possibly the majority) believe. The courts were never intended to be any kind of government baby-sitter, it wasn’t intended to be superior to the other branches of government (if anything, it’s supposed to be the weakest branch, if the Federalist Papers have anything to say about it), and it certainly wasn’t intended to make broad, sweeping rulings on cultural issues.

No. The underpinning of American society are the strength if its families and the character and values of the people therein. The underpinning of the American government, then, is the representation of that character and those values by elected representatives at all levels of government, from local to federal.