I haven’t been following the expected Texas Governor’s race terribly closely yet, partly because it’s simply not interesting yet. Also, I’ve come to believe that for massively popular campaigns (meaning that millions will vote and the winner will be decided by simple majority), campaigns are pretty much useless. In politics, past performance is a strong indicator of future performance, and the ideal campaign is simply a period during which past performance is repackaged for the opportunity at hand. In other words – there’s usually not anything new and important to learn during a campaign.

Having said that, I just don’t see what the driving motivation for Sen. Hutchison to run against Gov. Perry, other than for selfish reasons. Nothing in her past indicates that she would provide leadership in any important ways that he hasn’t, and the only argument of any consequence I’ve heard her make is just that 15 years is too long for one person to be in the Governor’s office.

I don’t have anything against the good Senator, I just don’t think there’s a compelling reason to vote for her.