Has it occurred to anyone else that the kind of government spending that incurs generational debt (which is a significant portion of each budget) is taxation without representation?

Take New Deal programs for example. The large debts incurred by those programs has been passed to my generation (I’m a working man between the ages of 18 and 55), and my tax burden will be directly impacted by debt spending that occurred long before I was born. I had no opportunity to elect representatives to protect my interests, and those debts have turned into a system of taxation without representation. So it is with the deficit that we run each year at the federal level.

My grandchildren (who haven’t been born) will still be paying off this national debt, which they had no part in creating or opportunity to oppose. It’s likely that my children’s relationship to their government will be dominated by this debt. They also had no say in the matter.

Am I the only one that sees this as immoral?


Update:  I just read today’s Dilbert and had to embed it: