This could potentially be a huge topic and I really intend for this to be a short note with observations from some shopping my wife and I did yesterday, but our culture fails women in so many ways.  Our public society has no idea what a woman is.  First, some trivialities.  Behold:

Where's the furniture?  Oh yeah....on the walls.

Where's the furniture? Oh yeah....on the walls.

The first thing my wife said when we saw this dollhouse was

That’s lame!  There’s no furniture; it’s painted on the walls.  Where’s the fun in that?  The fun of a dollhouse is rearranging things.

Oh, but it gets worse:

This is not an oven!

This is not an oven!

Hopefully microwave ovens haven’t completely replaced a real oven in the practice of American mothers preparing food for their families.  Of course, I don’t take this too terribly seriously, but I do take this seriously:

Looking for a Slut-in-the-Box?

Looking for a Slut-in-the-Box?

These Bratz dolls are some of the worst.  People think Barbie is bad for girls because she has a good figure?  Dude….at least Barbie is usually wearing clothes you’d let your daughter wear.  These dolls look like they want little girls to pretend they’re dressed to go to a club and end up in some strange man’s bed the next morning.

Do you notice the one on the bottom right?  Here’s a closer look:

Chloe's Room?  Down the hall and to the right.

Chloe's Room? Down the hall and to the right.

The only thing you could do to make this look more like a brothel is to put a box of condoms under the bed.

Seriously?  Do we want our little girls to build their childhood fantasies with this rubbish?  I don’t.  I want my daughters to know about healthy romantic relationships, and this isn’t it. These toys are hyper-sexualized and completely trivialize the real beauty of femininity in favor of worthless materialism and the degradation of being entertainment for men.  Woe to the man who marries a little girl who grew up with this trash as the basis for her expectations of romance.